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costruzione stampi per materie termoplastiche e stampaggio

Our technicians grew up eating "passion and technology"

After working for many years in the Swiss mechanical industry and in the plastic and construction departments of Zanussi, in 1979 Bruno Lucchetta established JULIA STAMPI.

Today JULIA STAMPI has a team of technicians that have developed their skills during years of activity, thanks to the passion they have for their work and for the technologies they use every day. Team spirit, partnership and professionalism make it possible for JULIA STAMPI to look with confidence at tomorrow’s challenges.

My company produces injection moulds for plastic materials. My vast experience in this field taught me that a personal, consistent and friendly relationship with the team is essential in order to create empathy, trust and satisfaction. For this reason, I believe that one of the key factors for the success of my activity has been the dialogue with the customer. Understanding what the customer wants is an essential first step towards supplying him with exactly the product that he would have created, and to satisfy his expectations with top efficiency and timeliness.

Bruno Lucchetta

Marco LucchettaAfter concluding my technical studies, I started working within my fathers company, JULIA STAMPI, in various capacities, thus acquiring direct, in-depth experience of all the issues of mould production. In 1990 we established GIELLE PLAST, to offer our JULIA STAMPI customers the opportunity to print both products and details, thus closing the cycle, from design to production. Since 2008 I have been a director in both companies, which is sort of a natural progression of this project that started 20 years before that date.

Marco Lucchetta